Tuesday, December 16, 2014

So good to be home!

After two and half months back in the States, we couldn't be happier to be home here in Peru.  That is not to say we didn't thoroughly enjoy our time in the States.  We were blessed and encouraged and loved our times of fellowship, but the Lord has called us to Peru during this season of our lives.  One of the questions that was asked so many times of us was, "how much longer will you be in Peru?"  Only the Lord knows.  Since we left and moved, our time frame has always been in the Lord's hands.  If He wants us to remain for 1,5,10,15 or death we will be here.  Of course I have vision and plans, but I want my vision and my plans to coincide with what the Lord plans and visions for our lives.  This is home for us right now and it feels good to be home.  We had several memorable moments and special times over the last few months, too many to even list.  Thank you everyone for your prayers and support and your time while we were visiting.

As we return we plan to jump back into the mix.  Thursday night I will be teaching the message for the midweek service here at Refugio.  Friday we are having a chocolatada (traditional Peruvian Christmas celebration consisting of panaton and hot chocolate) at the orphanage and Saturday we are having one at the church.  Sunday I will be preaching a Christmas message from the gospel of John.  How we have missed being part of what the Lord is doing here.

Arriving yesterday after a long grueling 2 days of travel the kids of the neighborhood started buzzing our door to see our kids.  It was so refreshing and such a good reminder as to why we are here.  What an opportunity to share Jesus.  Those who don't know Christ are coming to our house to see our kids and say hi after we've been gone.  I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us over this next year.  God Bless!