Thursday, August 28, 2014

Whats on the horizon for us

Over the next few months we have several exciting events of the horizon.  First off in the middle of September we will be hosting Global Cane Outreach.  They are an organization that ministers to the blind community.  They will be bringing new walking canes and doing training and also giving out audio Bibles. We are so blessed to partner up with this much needed ministry.   Here is a link to their website-

At the end of September we will be head to Lima for 6 days.  I was asked to be the guest speaker at speakers week at the CC Bible college in Lima.  I humbly accepted this honor and I will be teaching a one week class on the Principles of Biblical Missions.

As soon as that class is over we will be heading to the airport to travel to the States for two and a half months.  It is always bitter sweet time.  It is hard to leave the ministries and family and friends here in Peru, but at the same time it is always so good to see churches, family and friends in the States.

Hope to see you very soon!