Saturday, December 17, 2011

Good to be back

       We are back home in Banos del Inca and it feels so good.  We had a really good time in Lima and were blessed with great fellowship, but there is something about the pace of life here that is just refreshing.  The state of emergency is still in effect and in Cajamarca there is a strong military presence.
        As soon as we were getting dropped off and getting our baggage out of the car our neighbors were all coming out and seeing us.  It was one of our best moments being here.  You could just see the happiness on there faces.  The following morning Nicole went across the street to buy some bread (we have a panaderia directly in front of our building).  There was a lady there who Nicole bought her bread for her a couple weeks ago because she only had 100 soles bill and they couldn't break it.  It was only like 1.00 in american money that Nicole paid and the lady was so greatful, and when she saw Nicole that morning she was so happy to see us home.  The lady then took Nicole to her house to show Nicole where she lived so she can come and talk with her.  She showed her a little area where our kids could play while they talk.  The Lord is opening doors for us.  The people at the local market where asking us where we had been and that they missed us.  The town is watching us and we are praying that the Lord continues to give us the opportunity to share Jesus.  I was just asked if I was missing the beach and ocean at all, and to be honest I had to say not that much.  While in Lima we took a cruise by the beach and the surf was looking so good and there were a few guys out and it looked fun, but the Lord has really given me grace in that area as well.  He has put such a love in our hearts for Cajamarca and the people that we couldn't imagine being anywhere else.  Our kids love the culture and the area.  For us to see how much our kids love it is a conformation to us that the Lord has brought us here.
        These past 5 months have been a real time of growth for all of us.  We have experienced Gods grace at a whole new level.  The challenges that we thought we would face haven't been such an issue and things that we never would have expected have popped up.  Through it all the Lord shows that when He calls you, He will give you the strength to get through.
        I have been given the great privilege next semester to teach a class.  I will be teaching a two week class on the gospel of Mark.  It will be at the end of february so I will be studying quite a bit until then.  One thing that I have already learned in my preparation is that the gospel of Mark is an amazing book.  Many times it is kind of looked over because it's the shortest gospel and what not, but when you crack into it, it is full and rich.  We shouldn't expect anything less from Gods Word.  I'm starting to wonder if I can get it all in with just two weeks.
        Christmas is coming and it will be our first Christmas away from the states and our families.  It will be difficult at times, but the Lord has given us a great family here and it will be a blessed time because Christmas is truly about the Lord Jesus taking on flesh and coming into the world to give us the gift of salvation for those who put their faith in Him.

Our panaderia across the street
Have a wonderful Christmas, Feliz Navidad!!!!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A few days in Lima

We were told by the U.S. Embassy that they would like us to leave Cajamarca until things cooled off so to speak.  The Peruvian government had issued a state of emergency for 60 days, which is what I would call martial law.  The military is now in charge of the city and they have full authority. The governor of the region said this decision would make things a blood bath.  We are praying that these are just empty threats.  We had tickets to come to Lima on the 6th and the airport was open so we came to Lima.  We needed to get here anyways because on the 7th we had an appointment to get our kids residency cards and praise the Lord that all went smoothy. Our original flight back to Cajamarca was for the eighth which is today, but we were able to change our tickets for a small fee for another week.  We will be heading back to Cajamarca on Dec. 15th.  It is not as long as the embassy wanted us to stay away, but we feel the Lord is wanting us to go back and remain in Cajamarca.  That is our home now and the Lord has called us there right now and He will be our shield and our protection.  When we left everything was very mellow.  The airport is completely secured by the military.  There is at least 150 soldiers on site and they are around the whole perimeter.  It actually felt very safe.  It has been a blessing to spend some time back in Lima.  Most the staff is back here and we got to spend some time with some of the students who are still here.  Please continue to pray for Cajamarca and the situation, as it could flare up at any moment.