Thursday, August 25, 2011

So we are up in Cajamarca and I got to say it is beautiful.  The sky is so crisp and the mountains are amazing.  It has been a challenging week nevertheless.  We have been adjusting to the altitude and trying to get settled into our apartment.  Classes have started and the work load is much more than I anticipated, but I am so blessed to be able to just spend time in Gods word growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ.

The first class the pastor opened up by saying that "we couldn't have come here on our own that the Lord brought us here"  How true is that.  What an encouraging thought that even though difficult times are ahead and things will be coming at us from every angle, by the Lords grace He has called us here and brought us.  All the trials that we are already facing and will continue to face is to build character and to conform us to the image of Christ.  The Lord loves an unfair fight.  When all seems against you that is when the odds are right for the Lord to show His glory.  How I long for His glory.  To see the Lord work.

The Lord has surrounded us by amazing men and women of God.  Though we miss our families and our home fellowship, the Lord is bringing alongside of us wonderful friends.  He is so faithful.  I am learning so much of the faithfulness of God.  I am experiencing it first hand.  Even when we are not faithful He is.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

First week in Peru

We arrived safe and sound with all our baggage praise the Lord.  We had a couple of hiccups, but that is to be expected.  This week has been very busy.  We have been going here and there still finishing up are residency request.  We thought that it was all done, but it was just the first stage.  The Lord though has brought us favor, at Interpool earlier this week, we were granted are carnet's that we will pick up on monday and then we will start the process for our kids.  Yesterday we walked down to the cliffs and just hung out it was a very relaxing day.  We fellowshipped with the pastor, his wife and their son who is down here visiting them.  This morning we arose early and went to church.  Though I did not get much of the teaching, it was great to worship with other believers who were there for the same reason we were which is to sing praises to the Lord and hear from His word.  The kids had a good time as well even though they couldn't communicate.  Next week we will continue like I mentioned with the residency process and then on friday we will be serving at a wedding.  Even in this short week, we have seen the Lord be faithful to us.  It has been quite an adventure so far and we are looking forward to getting settled into our apartment in Cajamarca on the 21st.

Monday, August 8, 2011

In Flight in the morning

So we are heading down to Lima in the morning.  We have been extremely encouraged and blessed this week by all our friends and family.  It has been probably one of the hardest weeks of our lives yet it is also one of the greatest.  We have seen so much love from the body of Christ.  We will miss our families more than words can say, but we are doing what the Lord has called and that is where the peace is.  No matter how hard it is, when Jesus calls we need to answer.  Whatever it may be step out and do it.  He will give us the strength, if He has called, He gives the ability.  He has a calling on each one of His children and our responsibility is to obey.  Let me also say this He hasn't called everyone to go into a foreign mission field.  There is plenty of work right where you are at, but if He does say go then go.  He might be calling you to have your neighbor over for dinner so you can share the love of Christ, or that co-worker who is always down about this or that.  It may be the hardest thing you have ever done, but Christ will give you strength because in your weakness He is made strong.  Please be praying for our flight and our time in Lima.  We will be spending 11 or 12 days there before heading up 9000 feet into the Andes.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Down to the wire!

The Lord is so faithful!!!!!  We got our visas on monday.   With only 8 days left, any other hurdles would have been very hard to get over.  When going into Peru they require you to have a plane ticket back home, but we had bought one way tickets because we started the process on our visas and had hoped they would be approved before we departed.  Worse case scenario would have been we would have to buy a ticket back home once we arrived, but that would have really put a wrench into our finances.  So by faith we purchased one way tickets and the Lord showed us grace and allowed us to get our visas just in time.  Thanks for all who were praying and our friend Mesod who worked diligently on all our paper work.

On a separate note, we had a meeting last night with our care team.  It was such a blessed time of fellowship.  We are blessed with a great team who will be holding up our hands while we are away.  It is an encouraging thing to have so many behind us.  We also got to meet with a Life Group which is basically a home fellowship from our church that meets during the week.  The Lord had put us on their hearts and they invited us to share and fellowship with them.  We had a great time in His word, worship then they prayed for us.  They also will be a huge part in our ministry.  We love their hearts and their desire to come along side of us and support us.