Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Refuge of Love

      Over the past couple months the Lord has been giving us a clear vision for Banos del Inca.  After spending some time observing the culture and talking with the people we started to notice many areas that are in need.  Of course first and foremost the people need the gospel, they need clear and sound Biblical teaching. The gospel effects every aspect of our lives and it is the power of God unto salvation.  The Lord has been opening up doors for us to share the love of Christ and who Jesus is.  We noticed that the doors opened more as the kids from our neighborhood opened up to us.  For months we would be outside and I would try to get these kids to play.  They would just sit on the other side of the street and watch, but never in gauge.  We would continue to try every time we were out there.  My daughter would always ask and get no response.  I would kick the soccer ball to them and finally one day one of them took the bait.  Once one started playing then they all did.  Soon during their school break everyday more kids would show up.  The people would observe how we would play with them and interact.  The neighbors after that began to open up to us more.  They began to ask more intently why we were here and with a true intention to know about it.  We have been asked if we have a church that they can attend and learn more of the Bible.
        What we have noticed and since been told is that there is an acceptable and normal practice that takes place.  They have a name for it in Quechua, but what goes on is the man will have babies and then when he is tired or doesn't like the woman anymore leaves and moves on to someone else.  Then these kids have no father and no example.  These boys need to see an example of a loving father and we have the best Father who sent His own Son for us.  We want to show these boys and girls what a Biblical family looks like.  We have realized these kids were watching how I loved on my kids before they would let their guard down.
        With that quick and somewhat brief background, the Lord has put a burden for these kids and the families.  We are going to start an outreach center for these kids with the desire to reach the parents and community for Jesus. The kids get out of school at one o'clock and run around on the streets.  We are going to try to find a building with a nice grass area where we can open up and bring the kids in after school.  We are going to love on them and play games and then each day before we send everyone home, have a Bible study and teach them the love of Jesus.  It will be a refuge, a place to find rest and love.  We hope to be able then to invite the parents of the kids once of month and serve them dinner and feed them from the Word of God as well.  We have shared with some of the locals and they are super excited to see this happen.
 Please be in prayer for this.

- Pray that the Lord would provide a building for us.  A Refuge of Love-Refugio de Amor.  There is a building right in the center of town that has come available and it is perfect, but it is out of our budget at this point.  Money is no object for the Lord, He owns "the cattle on a thousand hills."  If this is the location, the Lord will provide and we are confident in that.

-Pray that the Lord would continue to open doors and soften the heart of the people.

-Pray that the Lord continues to bring the kids in.

- Pray that the Lord uses this for His glory and that lives are changed for the furtherance of His kingdom.

These are Exciting times. Thanks for praying and partnering with us in the gospel of our Lord.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


   Today we celebrate the FACT that Christ has risen from the grave and is ALIVE!!!!  Many try to explain away the resurrection.  There are many theories floating around explaining away the resurrection.  Paul in 1 Corinthians sets before us historical evidence for the resurrection.  He mention various people the Lord appeared to and times that the Risen Lord had appeared.  These aren't just appearances where Christ flashes before their eyes or the people where seeing a vision or they were hypnotized.  The reason is, Christ not only appeared, but He interacted with them.  He spoke to them, He ate with them, He taught them.  Christ after His death was relational with His people and still to this day Christ desires to be relational with us.  So on this blessed day, remember all that Christ has done, remember the resurrection is fact and since Christ has risen from the dead those of us who are in Christ will rise again, but before that time remember also what He told His disciples before ascending back into heaven.  He gave them what is called the great commission.  Christ wants to live His life through us, He wants to continue the mission in which He has started, through us.  He is calling out a people unto Himself and we get to share in that goal.  This time of year is a great open door to speak of the things of Christ.  Can I encourage you though, this is the day we celebrate, but Christ is living everyday and we can use everyday as an opportunity to share the love of Christ and let others know exactly what Christ has done for us all.