Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cajamarca Protest Day 7

Even in the midst of all the Chaos, the Lord is working.  We have been able to evangelize and see the Lord's Spirit working in the hearts of the people.  Yesterday afternoon a few students were asking people if they would like prayer and one lady was a believer and was longing to be baptized.  While they were praying another man stopped and asked if we were Christians and he had fallen away from the Lord and wanted to return.  We got to pray with him and he showed us were he lived so we could stop by and talk with him some more.  We took the lady down to the creek by the bible college and prayed with her and then had some worship and she was baptized.  It was truly a blessing to see.  She was so full of joy and thankful to the Lord for what took place.  We then went into the plaza and some of the students performed some skits and then open air preached.  We had an audience of about 40 people.  Two younger men came to the Lord and many asked questions concerning the faith.  Through the storms is when the Lord works.

We thought maybe the strike was coming to an end, but when we saw the news this morning it certainly is not.  The airport is still closed and the food supply is running thinner by the day.  We have heard of a couple options to get to Lima so we will keep everyone posted if they pan out.  The Lord is using this situation to make His name known and He will continue to keep us safe and provide our needs.  Please pray for the people of Cajamarca as the violence is increasing.  The peoples concern regarding the mine is right on.  The lakes that the mine will destroy is their lively hood, they don't survive from the gold that comes out of the mine.  The route they are taking is causing a lot of problems.  Pray for a peaceful resolution.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cajamarca Protest

On Thanksgiving, many locals here in Cajamarca began a protest against an expansion of the gold mine.  It is now on day six and we really don't know when it is going to stop.  All the roads out of town are barricaded, the airport was closed yesterday as the protesters were planning to take it over.  We have been told that today they are cutting the power and water.  There is a shortage on food and drinking water due to the fact that the roads are closed.  The intensity of the protesting is picking up as it goes on.  All the students are still here, please be in prayer as many have flights home in a couple of days.  We are supposed to be going to Lima on the 6th of December to get our kids residency cards.  At this point we are not sure that will happen either.  The Lord is in control and we are confident in Him.  Our friend posted this on facebook and I wanted to share it as well-

What will you do when God exhausts all of those things you call "comfort" and all of those things that give you security and puts you in a situation where you truly have to trust in Him, even for your next meal. Will you still trust Him? Or will you realize that you haven't really been?

God is the supplier of all that we need and He will sustain us.  It is a time for everyone to rely on Him.  Please pray for the people of Cajamarca and the situation here.

I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in His word I do 

hope. -Psalm 130:5